Software Downloads

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All the software releases are available on the LNIS Github.

  • OpenFPGA:

A simulation-based power estimation framework for FPGAs. Available here!

  • LSOracle:

A logic synthesis oracle framework. Available here!

  • A RRAM addon for the FreePDK 45nm:

A RRAM addon for circuit level evaluations of RRAM-based systems to be used with the FreePDK 45nm. Available here!

  • Memory Characterization System (MCS):

An FPGA-based low-cost RRAM test system. Available here!

  • TIGFET Beyond-CMOS Benchmarking:

A system-level evaluation of TIGFETs using the BCB3.0 methodology from Intel. Available here!

  • MPack - The Matrix Packer:

A packing tool to handle matrix-based FPGAs (MClusters) organization. Available here!

  • The EPFL Combinational Benchmark Suite:

A combinational benchmark suite capable to challenge modern logic optimization tools. Available here!

  • DualSat:

A methodology to speed up SAT solving based on circuit duality. Illustrative examples available here!

  • Majority-Inverter Graph (MIG):

A novel logic optimization methodology exploiting 3-input majority operators. Illustrative examples available here!

  • Multiple-Independent-Gate Field-Effect-Transistor (MIGFET) Design Exploration Package:

A software package to explore the capabilities of functionality-enhanced devices from an logic standpoint. Available here!

  • Biconditional Binary Decision Diagrams Package:

A software package to manipulate Biconditional Binary Decision Diagrams (BBDDs), a novel and canonical decision diagram efficient for arithmetic functions. Available here!

  • Low-cost Pollution Monitoring Network:

Pollution monitoring network in the Salt Lake Valley through the deployment of low-cost pollution monitoring stations. Available here!

  • TIGFET 10nm PDK:

A TIGFET10nm Open Source Predictive Process Design Kit. Available here!

  • CMOS-RRAM Design Kit Add-on:

A design kit add-on for hybrid CMOS-RRAM full-custom exploration. This add-on can be used with any commercial CMOS design kits. Available here!