1. Co-PI, A comprehensive framework for efficient, scalable, and performance-portable tensor applications. NSF PPOSS, 3.649M USD, University of Utah, 2022-2027

  2. PI, Design of ASICs for enabling tools for research in neural engineering, neuroprosthetics, and neuroscience. BlackRock, 51kUSD, University of Utah, 2022-2023

  3. PI, FPGA Physical Design. RApidSilicon, $80kUSD, University of Utah, 2022-2023

  4. Co-PI, EAGER: Microfluidic Design Automation, NSF CMMI, 300kUSD, University of Utah, 2021-2022

  5. Co-PI, Smart Air: Informing Driver Behavior through Dynamic Sensing and Smart Messaging, NSF CNS, 1.200M USD, University of Utah, 2020-2023

  6. PI, Smart City Threat Detection Using Integrated Chemical Sensing and Machine Learning. DARPA YFA program, 1M USD, University of Utah. 2019-2022.

  7. Co-PI, Development of a wearable PM sensor for assessing occupational exposures. Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health PPRT program, 7.7k USD, University of Utah. 2018-2019.

  8. PI, A Learning-based Oracle for Automatic Logic Optimization 2018-2022. DARPA ERI IDEA program, 1.641M USD, University of Utah. 2018-2022

  9. PI, An Automatic IP Generator for Customizable FPGA Architectures 2018-2022. DARPA ERI POSH program, 1.725M USD, University of Utah. 2018-2022

  10. PI, CAREER: Functionality-Enhanced Devices for Extending Moore's Law 2018-2023. NSF CISE grant, 476.4k USD, University of Utah. 2018-2023

  11. PI, 3D logic primitives optimization for nanofabric architectures 2017-2021. IMEC research agreement, 110.4k USD, University of Utah. 2017-2021.

  12. PI, High-Performance Normally-Off Parallel Processing 2017-2019. BSF grant, 75k USD, University of Utah. 2017-2019.

  13. Co-PI, A Layered Framework of Sensors, Models, Land-Use Information and Citizens for Understanding. Air Quality in Urban Environments. NSF CPS grant, 750k USD, University of Utah. 2017-2019.

  14. PI, Ultra-High-Performance Terahertz Detection Exploiting Super-Steep-Subthreshold-Slope (S4)-FinFET 2016-2018. NSF EECS EAGER grant, 150k USD. University of Utah. 2017-2019.